Jena M. Sorapuru-Karras


In a world where most art forms, specifically pottery, are mass produced or cookie cutter by design, the creation of wheel thrown pottery has always held me deeply fascinated . As an Alumni of Southeastern Louisiana University with a BA in Graphic/Multimedia Design, my love for clay developed my junior year in college when I was introduced to the process of turning a simple ball of clay into a piece of functional art. 10 years later and I'm still hooked. My passion for clay has now evolved into a business, Mud Dog Pottery L.L.C. A business inspired by the need to share authentic Louisiana inspired artwork with others as well as to offer to the community artwork that is personal rather than commercial. The name, however, was inspired by an incident when my rambunctious dogs made a day out of playing and rolling around in clay. Needless to say finding three dogs covered in clay with goofy grins, lolling tongues included, was a test of patience. However, I knew that most days I looked the same way, covered in mud and sporting a goofy grin, hence the name Mud Dog Pottery L.L.C..