Duck Eggs (Organically Fed | Non-GMO | Pasture Raised | Extra Large) PICK-UP ONLY in Zachary and Clinton

$ 5.99

Miss MudDog Duck Eggs

Not all eggs are created equal. 

It's been proven that an egg's nutritional value largely depends on what was fed to the hen that produced it, the hen's environment and how she was treated. In other words, by buying eggs from farmers who choose to humanely treat their ducks, feed them top quality feed, allow them to forage and behave like ducks, you're ensuring that the eggs you eat are more nutritious. Furthermore, you're helping contribute to the overall good health and quality of life for the ducks producing them. Above all, it encourages good stewardship, which is the consumer’s responsibility, as well as the farmer’s.

Why eat Duck eggs?

  • The whites of duck eggs may have different proteins than the whites of chicken eggs, which means that people who are allergic to Chicken eggs may not be allergic to duck eggs.

  • Due to their larger size, Duck Eggs contain more vitamin A, B-12, and D, as well as having more Omega-3 than your average egg. In regards to B-12, “a single egg provides just over 60% of the amount you need in a day!"

  • "The peptides found in the whites of duck eggs can promote and enhance the body’s ability to absorb the essential mineral calcium in your digestive system."

  • Duck eggs have noticeably larger yolks which means they contain more fat than your normal eggs. This makes them excellent for baking and prized by pastry chefs. “Cakes and loaves of bread will rise better; cookies will be more moist and chewy. Omelets and quiches will be fluffier and custards creamier.”  -Lisa Steele | HGTV

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